Tigster, or Tig as his friends know him has played under many different band names over the years. His current project with the band Monkadellic is reponsible for the 'Forever England' track featured on this site. Monkadellic are currently a studio based band, working on new material with Tig once again in the songwriting/creative driving seat. The rest of the band are currently 'Large' on drums and 'Olly' on guitar with Tig doing all the other bits and sometimes the guitar too.

Tig's earlier days have seen him playing with bands in Germany the UK and LA. His style is more rock/pop, but he really excels at good balads, which mostly take accoustic form. Lyrics that seem to come to him from nowhere will strike a chord with everyone in their own way, or somtimes can be quite patriotic or political (which is unusual in these days of political correctness) may make some feel slightly uncomfortable, but they are always the truth...
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