The Toggle sound could be described as Psychedelic* Gamelan music. Created by Jim Spiri in a travel trailer in Ashland, Oregon, using a computer, keyboards, a Handsonic hand percussion synth, an electric bass, lap steel guitar, and electric western sitar [cheap instruments poorly played], as well as an assortment of percussion instruments including Tabla, many gongs, tubular bells and a Gamelan metallophone, along with some bizarre homemade instruments, such as the 'Contrabass Tubular Zither'. It's like world music of an alternate world. And some stuff that isn't psycho gamelan music at all, such as a piano piece played by a cat (felis catus).

Available for live outré ambient music for gatherings and functions.

* psychedelic = "mind-manifesting" (from Gk. psykhe- "mind" + deloun "make visible, reveal,"). You got a problem with that?
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