The Seks are a Brisbane band that are rooted in pocket funk grooves but have the melodic and structural conventions of modern pop songs. Kind of. Their grooves are infectious and melodies memorable with just the right amount of cleverness musically and lyrically to be popularly and musically embraced. On the subject of lyrics, they are predominantly based around the romantic escapades of the lead vocalist Brooksy, with subject matter ranging from lack of luck in love and infatuation to techniques for getting over depression. Their bass player, Damian is already a celebrity having starred in the current Vodafone TV advertising campaign. The Seks received $4000 worth of recording time after winning the Brisbane Musos Band Competition. This funded their EP. The Seks are undeniably of the highest calibre, which combined with Brooksy's energy and stage presence, amount to a fantastically enjoyable experience. Check out the Boom Ga Boom film clip on their web site.


Damian is a Scorpio. Nuff said really. The groove Nazi of the band has built up skills honed from years of whoring himself to every style of music that paid the rent. Before joining The Seks, he toured and recorded with Australian Music Icon, Tommy Emmanuel’s brothe'rs band (that’s Phill Emmanuel) for a few blurry years (with tracks appearing on the Crocodile Dundee Soundtrack). An indomitable force in rock and funk, Damian has done it all and is about to do it all again. Some say (okay, his Mum) he’s already a rock star. Damian’s life long ambition is to organize the biggest conga line on Mars. This will obviously make the Moon’s current record look insignificant. Ask him about the time a cow ate his hair.

Dave McGuire 'Esquire'

Dave is one of those no bull shit guitarists. He has an amp and a distortion pedal. That's all his got. That's all he needs for he is one of the best guitarist and definitely soloists in Brisbane. Hailing from the ghetto known as Ipswich, it was inevitable that Dave would become a formidable blues guitarist. He then found there was more to music than just being sad and pissed off and discovered the beauty and subtleties of jazz. Always having a love for funk, in particular ‘The Meters', Dave has fused his influences and has brought a personality that can definitely be heard and seen at a ‘Seks Show'. If you head to any pub in Brisbane, there's probably a good chance that you'll see Dave there. Dave loves The Seks.


Brooksy was destined to become a front man and it was evident from the first time he accidentally sung ‘Blister in the Sun' in an 80's cover band. He loved it, couldn't get enough of it. This culturally confused half Filipino half Aussie dynamo has a stage presence akin to topless bathers. You just have to watch. He has a dance style that would not be called dancing but would still impress an audient especially in a self inflicted alcoholic state. Each member of the band is an integral part to it's operation but you could say Brooksy is the centrepiece. Brooksy was born for The Seks.

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