The Last Show is a unique rock trio from New York City, combining catchy bass lines played over powerful drums with an unforgettable guitar and vocal style. The Last Show is refreshing—they remind you of what rock can be. It has become clichéd to declare yourself original, and “real” is almost a dirty word these days, but these three musicians can’t help themselves.

They describe their music as bi-polar, and you can hear it in both tracks off of their latest single, 2. There is the moody, brooding underbelly, and the jubilant victory over your own iner darkness. “DC,” an anti-Bush song about people getting “caught up in the political fervor,” is a perfect example: Driving bass under a dark melody, interrupted by triumphant punk and the chorus, “People, people, Take a walk outside / Save your soul, save your mind.” Equally ambitious is “Not So Proud,” planned as the first release.

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