The First Miles, is finally ready to present the second album with hand-played and dusty barn-rock and bleeding country ballads.

The sound is worn and full of longing and leans beautifully up against the lyrics, which is about winding your way through love, grief, mud and light rain.

The Aalborg-bands music is reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen, Lucinda Williams and Whiskeytown, and has already found its way to listeners across most parts of the world. Their first album 'Aim for the heart, go!' came out in Scandinavia, USA and Canada in 2005 and received high praise from both critics and audiences. The First Miles were played on Canadian, Dutch and Belgian radio stations, and were at the time hired to play with artists like John Fogerty, Tim Christensen, The Sandmen and The Georgia Satellites. Now they are here again.

The new album is released through the band's own record label, Little Bad Bear, and is distributed by At:tack Music, Labelkollektiv and American It's a Trap Records.
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