With her latest independent release "Colored Rooms" Singer/Songwriter Terry Holder continues to explore her passions while defining her distinctive voice. She writes about basic human emotion with layers of meaning behind them. With out a doubt, in a live performance Holder has the undeniable ability to captivate and connect with her listeners with her emotionally driven songs.

"It's very humbling and gratifying when people like your music. If I can touch one person with a song, then I feel I've accomplished something great in life. My music is honest and it's real though not every song is a word for word depiction of my own life but a lot of them are based on the relationships in and around my life. I just write about what I need to."


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Terry Holder does not believe in placing limits on herself. Up until 1999, her full time job was "stay at home mom." Her life changed when the youngest of her 3 daughters moved away, a transition that coincided with the passing of Holders own mother. Depression started to settle in. Reaching out for solace she reached for her guitar and began shifting her pain into writing music. The first song she penned became the title track for her debut CD "Am I Here Is This Me," which was originally intended for a keepsake for her daughters. This album of introspective pop/folk tunes started garnering sales and critical acclaim with 2 of the songs, "Twilight Love" and "Goodnight" becoming finalists in the Alaska song of the year contest.

Her 2nd disc, "Colored Rooms" is more outgoing mirroring her budding confidence as a performer and writer. Holder says, "sometimes I don't recognize my life anymore, none of this was ever planned.

Terry has just finished recording her 3rd studio CD "Ticket to the Moment" in Seattle Washington with: Garey Shelton, Freebo, Joel Tepp, Ben Smith, John Nyman, Jerry Holder, John Morton, Don Garberg and Cynthia Morrow. Her cd delivers her emotionally driven songs showcasing her evocative, tender voice around lyrics that take you on a journey with flashes of abandon heartbreak, love, social and self awareness. Recognized for her talent as a songwriter she was a Kerrville "2008 New Folk Finalist".

"It's very humbling and gratifying when people like your music. If I can touch one person with a song, then I've accomplished something great in life."
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