THNYC is a modern alternative rock band with a power-acoustic driven sound and edgy vocals.

Media Quotes:
"TAMMANY HALL smacks of radio gold."
-Digital Club Network
"At a time when more calculating-than-thou pop cynicism has taken over the radio, singer Steve O'Reilly's naked
emotion hits like a shot of whiskey."
- San Francisco Guardian

Licensed 4-tracks off of acoustic CD "back in the bottle" to NBC for hit MUST SEE TV SHOW SCRUBS

Press Info

It had to be fate that I would get the opportunity to review back in the bottle after falling in love with "Wait For You" while waiting for the season premiere of The Sopranos. I know I wasn't the only person wondering who the heck these guys were. They had already hit it pretty big when HBO featured their song "Always on Sunday" earlier in the year.

I am so thrilled with this multi-faceted CD. It is both mellow and grooving, with an intense emotion rarely found in today's music. The combination of intricate playing and masterful vocals creates a sound that your ear will become addicted to. There isn't a weak song in the bunch - and I have grown to love this album fully and completely.

This is one of the rare CDs that I can honestly recommend to everyone - despite your musical taste. if you appreciate expert musicianship and powerful songs, you will appreciate the collection of songs found here.

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The greatest sounds in the history of the world.


In February 2004, Dave Femia, the drummer for THNYC, is filmed by MTV for the season premiere of MTV’s hit show MADE.

In January 2004, Matt Anthony, the guitarist of THNYC, gets endorsed by Gibson guitars and is given his first free guitar: a 2004 Les Paul Standard.

In December 2003,TAMMANY HALL NYC plays a 45-minute set during presidential candidate, Howard Dean’s fundraiser at ROSELAND in front of 3000 people.

In December 2003, THNYC’s song, “SOMEONE”, will be featured on NBC’s Thursday night show SCRUBS.

In November 2003, THNYC will score the entire soundtrack for an upcoming indie-feature film (3M), entitled: INTO THE FIRE.

On October 30th 2003, TOUCHSTONE TELEVISION features “CINDY” during SWEEPS WEEK on primetime’s “MUST SEE TV” show: SCRUBS.

On September 14th 2003, HBO launches an international campaign that will extend beyond cable to all media and feature THNYC’s remix of ALWAYS ON SUNDAY.

On July 25th and 26th, 2003 TAMMANY HALL NYC opens for ROXY MUSIC at Jones Beach and Radio City Music Hall in New York. Steve O’Reilly and Matt Anthony play as an acoustic duo and are asked to continue to tour with Roxy Music in Chicago (Tweeter Center) and Detroit (Pineknob Theater).

On June 15th, 2003, Steve O’Reilly is cast as an actor in new Paramount Pictures film entitled THE PRINCE AND ME to star as Julia Stiles brother, Mike Morgan. Film scheduled for release in early 2004.

On February 16, 2003, WSAM, Hartford radio, interviews THNYC lead sing

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