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The synthetic jazz music is the music I make only for my pleasure, but I write also commercial music for the media: If you are interested, please visit

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Synth Evolution - thanks for reviewing my song, Midnight Encounter - FYI - it is not country - it's definitely jazz!

over 30 days ago to Synth Evolution

SYNTH EVOLUTION, Your review on "MAYBE I WILL AND MAYBE I WON'T" is very complete and helpful. Thank you so much.Good luck with your music, I wish you the best. Been a long time since I've been to Italy. TAPPIN' TOMMY

over 30 days ago to Synth Evolution

i very much appreciate your comments on my tune 'wonder'.....but i do , respectfully, disagree. the sound is meant to be 'glitchy' ...and tho there my be some ambiguity to the harmonies they work fine for me.....and , from what i have been told, music editors for film and tv do not want fades...

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Synth Evolution
over 30 days ago

I didn't review "wonder" from a soundtrack point of view. I just considered it an instrumental tune that has to stand on its feet. In any case I didn't want to hurt you, just tried to underline some aspects of your tune that, in my opinion, didn't work so well and could be easily improved to make it really shine. Have a great time with your music!

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