Stray Dogma's original music occupies a space at the intersection of pop, jazz, folk, and rock. Experienced live performers, their debut studio album 'Scratch Recordings' is due to hit the streets in the fall (of 2004). The music of Stray Dogma is acoustic and inspirational, and covers a wide range of topics from love to deceit, new awakenings to death. The music has been described as serene, beautiful, and unique - also apt adjectives to describe the artist's home in Alaska. Check Them Out!

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2003 - Pop Song of the Year, Alaska Public Radio Network (APRN) Song of the Year contest. Song: Circumstance
8/12/2004 - Interviewed and played on KEUL radio station
Top 10 - Broadjam - Folk/Alternative, Song: Shade.

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Susan Brakeall (piano, vocals)
Mark Pearson (guitar, vocals)
Scott Kiefer (fretless, acoustic bass)
Todd Anders Johnson (set drums)

Stray Dogma exudes a deep musical energy that comes from the most ancient musical recipe: find experienced and talented musicians whose personal cores are centered around music and combine them together in a large mixing bowl of a band with few rules. Add many generous handfuls of life experiences. Blend and Bake for a couple of years.

Out pops savory music that is made for the sake of music and expression. Not to fulfill superstar-ego-self-idolization-mommy-look-at-me-kinds of needs (sorry, mom). It is music that explores life, death, spirit, love, heartbreak, greed, ambition, the connections we all share, and the questions we all face.

This is not a recipe that Stray Dogma invented – it’s as old as cavemen getting together to beat drums. Rather, some of the ingredients are different and are flavored by the band members own past and present sonic taste buds.

This blend of expressions is quite fittingly based in a place with unparalleled visual experiences – Alaska. While Stray Dogma members love traveling, touring, meeting new people, and adding more life experiences into the mixing bowl, they are also thrilled when their journeys take them back home to Alaska.

While Stray Dogma has played many live performances over the past two years, “Scratch Recordings” is the group’s first CD and it is being released in the Fa

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