: Stool Pigeon is a reminder that melody and musicianship is as important as image and style. They are talented musicians, songwriters and performers. The core of Stool Pigeon has been together for almost ten years: drummer Ryan Franklin, lead guitarist Brian Speight, and bassist Todd Standridge. When the three welcomed Shane Lasseter as lead vocalist in early 2004, the group was complete. Stool Pigeon is magnetic, impulsive, energetic. Their live shows are a mixture of garage band spontaneity and exacting performance, a music which marries the spirit of rock and roll, the harmonies of pop and the sensibility of the musician. If you're not a fan going into a Stool Pigeon show, you will be coming out. In December of 2004, the band recorded an EP, simply titled, The Nashville EP. The sessions yielded songs which are dynamic, kinetic, songs which illustrate not only the band's watertight songwriting but also their ability to put their soul into the final product. Recording the Nashvill
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