Still Nothing is a five piece band from Wilmington, Delaware. They have been together as a band for four years perfecting the sound that was expected from their leader/creator since the beginning. Their sound is a uniquely heavy, deep and emotional sound unlike anything heard before. What makes it so unique is the perfect blend of layers. Those layers consist of walls of guitar and bass along with drums that are actually written for each song rather than being improvised. Additional layers of effects, strings, voices and multiple harmonies create a hauntingly beautiful work of art. Any track on a still Nothing disc is the most music ever heard in one song. Still Nothing is a well dserved break from the monotony of music that is seemingly popular today...still Nothing's music is timeless.
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Lara Rae
over 30 days ago to still Nothing

Hello Still Nothing, Just want to say Hi and hope you're all doing fine and well. I found on here and lost contact with you. Love hugs and smiles :)

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