Robin Wilson - singer of The Gin Blossoms - and Steve French - guitar player for the The Star-Club - met 12 years ago when their respective bands were touring the States together.

Since then, Wilson went on to sell over six million albums, was nominated for a Grammy and has toured tirelessly. French moved to New York to concentrate on solo performance, intensify his writing and develop his production skill. It became obvious that with Wilson’s voice, fan bass, and energy, and French’s evocative material, guitar, and production chops, that a collaboration between these friends could yield a fresh, strong and emotive album with a huge fan base just waiting to hear it.

And so was born The Long-Shadows. The album is mastered and Wilson and French are beginning to explore the opportunities available to market the product. Radio play, CD distribution and touring are just around the corner, and there is every indication that this project will indeed blossom.
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