Lani Ford--lead singer, bass player
Joe Hogan--lead guitar
Eric Robel--drums

The sparse arrangements and honest lyrics will make you laugh, cry, dance, drink and get nasty. Influenced by blues, country, punk and metal, STARK can't be labeled as easily as most, but is straight up rock and roll, mostly described as Pretenders meets Patti Smith.

Latest News

STARK's Lani Ford just returned from a solo acoustic tour in the UK. STARK's 3rd CD Race To The Floor will be available within the next month for download. CD party info coming soon.


STARK is not your typical "girl-fronted" band. The New York City-based hard rock trio is led by the fierce singer/bassist Lani Ford who has received ASCAPlus songwriting awards for each of the past 5 years.
STARK rises from the indie rock ashes with a saw tooth edge--more metal guitar sounds and heavier songs. Keeping their angsty punk rock nature in tact, STARK has matured into a hard rock band that will remind you of a 70's radio station. However, STARK is edgy and modern enough to appeal to all kinds of people of all ages. With the mighty shredder Joe Hogan on guitar and pulling engineering duties, the 3rd album, Race To The Floor-recorded analog like the others and definitely the heaviest CD yet-was released March 13, 2010. A total DIY project, drummer Eric Robel did the artwork and Lani Ford did just about everything else.
STARK has played the NYC club scene and toured the US, the UK and Holland for over 7 years with different line-ups but with Lani always out front, busting up the norm and lifting hearts with her intelligent, harsh, honest, funny lyrics and huge voice and Joe Hogan behind the board on 3 albums.
The CDs Put It To Your Head and The Curse are also available on CDBaby and iTunes.

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