Wasi Townsend and Joe Jowers, known collectively as Snowshoe & Lewis, have been a long time coming. Wasi previously fronted local band Human, which he featured at a weekly variety night called Ascension for a successful year long run at local hot spot, the Swank. It was drummer Joe Jowers’ vision which began Snowshoe 12 years ago with another partner, Dee Wade. The current incarnation of the band began 7 years ago when Wasi and Joe combined their talents and passion to pursue their own unique sound, which they have dubbed as “melodically soulful alternative rock,” inspired by musical influences as varied as Seal and Audio Slave. The duo has weathered some major setbacks along the way. In their first collaboration since 2003 (you may have seen them during their 6-month stint as house band for the Gatsby), Joe and Wasi have refined their sound as they put the past behind them to take their music to the next level with their first commercial recording, The First Five.
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