Steve Lisenbe is a guitarist/songwriter/composer who has been involved with several pop-rock bands over the course of his career.

However, recently Steve has begun to fuse his guitar roots into Blue-sy New Age music . This has become his passion... what he was created to do!

Broadjam and TAXI reviews of his music have included the following comments:
"This is the first in 20 reviews that I have liked completely. Very impressive guitar work and tasty pads"
"Your excellent sense of melody comes through even when you play the blues. My only negative comment is that it ended too soon."
"Fantastic soundtracky stuff - great for any film or cop style it!"
"Captivating, instrumentation is very original... so much creativity in this song... this is film music all the way. Excellent work!"
"You are an artist to be reckoned with. Keep pushing it out there."


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