I will not be renewing my contract with Broadjam from September onwards, therefore if you would like to keep in touch and have full access to my current music and any future music please bookmark http://paulsimmons.info would love to see you there.

thanks for your support and for listening to my music.

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Fleetwood Mac, Bryan Adams, Santana, Gary Moore and Pink Floyd, ZZ Top, Lynard Skynard


Guitar based musicians, Clapton, Hendrix, Peter Green, Lyndsey Buckingham - to name but a few. Also heavily influenced by bands like Pink Floyd, Cream, Chilli Peppers.


SiM - Current form is musical Duo, Paul Simmons (Founder, song writer, and driving force) and John Watkinson (Bass player and long-time musical collaborator). Previous incarnation included 'The Divide' and 'Magenta Blue' - 6 and 5 piece line ups respectively.

Whilst on the road with 'the divide' we were lucky to have a significant following whilst gigging around ourlocal north west venues. Packing the houses with our own inimitable brand of blues rock music. People from all ages and musical backgrounds would come and listen to our music on a regular basis.

For the last year or so we have concentrated on recording songs, trying to oompile the current album. Hoping to gig the new songs in the early summer 2005. Keep one eye here for dates and venues.

Paul - has been writing and performing songs for over twenty years, in spite of starting to play quite late in life seemed to have an immediate affinity with the guitar. He began writing songs a couple of years into his musical career and started singing them a little after that...

Having worked with various musicians over many years, Paul still very much enjoys writing songs and playing the guitar with his musical peers.

John - started playing the bass at high school and has never looked back...
Over the last few years he has become interested in recording and mixing, combined with the frustrated drummer that's in all bass players he is the perfect foil to Paul's outrageous guitar solo's...

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