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Broadjam recently had an interview with Jay Ryan (lead guitarist) and Aaron Hunt (vocals) about their band Silver Side.

Silver Side started out in 2008, with Aaron, Jay, Steve and Nate. Shortly after forming..the Bass player Nate, got a job offer in Miami and relocated, leaving the band without a bass guitarist. So the remaining three searched for several months, until they found the right bassist. Brad Dickinson was hired by the band early 2009 to fill the role of bass guitarist, and the band began to rehearse and write songs. Ocassionaly Jay's brother Ron would join up with them, but never would make a commitment to playing, Jay tells us. It was mid-summer of 2009, he finally commited rhythm guitarist role and so the lineup was complete. The band started rehearsing and recording late 2009. Before they had three songs completed, they were already getting offers from some record labels. Aaron tells us that, the thing that makes Silver Side stand out, is the fact that both guitarist are perfect chemistry because they grew up together playing..and the fact the drummer can sing, which compliments the lead vocals in all their songs. From the music we got to sample here at Broadjam, we can see why they are excited about the upcoming months. Good luck guys with all you do, I think its safe to say Silver Side will be around alittle while! Check them out when you get a chance!

Silver Side

Aaron Hunt/ Lead Vocals
Jay Ryan/ Lead Guitar, Piano
Ron Ryan/ Rhythmn Guitar
Brad Dickenson/ Bass
Steve Berry/ Drums, Vocals

Show Dates

Silver Side is gearing up for a possible tour starting as early as April, 2010..look for them at a venue near you!

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