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I have an ADDICTION that has been snow balling out of control. Every style of music I learn and then start to master sends me into a euphoric high. As a side effect, I am constantly writing songs for no apparent reason in an array of various styles. Maybe I am just trying to prove to myself that I fully understand a particular genre.

Years ago I did some time in a variety of different cover bands; at first being a grasshopper then by being a leader, helping others play in diverse styles. Also, at this time I would dissect and analyze every hit song we covered, finding out how and why each note had the effect it did. Basically teaching myself music theory the hard way because it was considered a "cop-out" or "giving up" to use a book or magazine, but it didn't take me long to figure out that this was just ignorance and with all the information on music theory, arranging and improvising out there, it was like the missing link. This is when my hobbie became a full blown addiction. I also started to keep tabs on how many great songs had very simple arrangement and in contrast how many outstanding musicians over play or over complicate things, which in turn ends up going over the head of the common listener. In other words; modesty, discipline and self control are priceless. Now, even playing in two original bands at the same time does little to satisfy my addiction.

I am an instrumental songwriter, arranger and performer. I strive to be different, to push the envelope, raise the bar and be able to write a song in any genre, mood or combination of both, what ever is needed from me. . . and always in a timely fashion.

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