Shannon Lee is a sultry new vocalist from Vancouver, Canada who has just released her debut CD "Kiss 'n Tell". The disc is replete with smokey vocals, cheeky lyrics and "oh-so-hummable" tunes. Pop/Rock with some country flavor - it's decidedly sassy!

”. . . Lee sings about finding and losing love, resisting and giving in to temptation in a voice like raw silk – warm and smooth, throaty without becoming raspy.” ~Brenda Anderson, Entertainment Editor, Langley Times

“Shannon Lee is a very talented lady. . . she has what I like to call ‘The New York’ sound.” ~Mark Collier, MMG Records

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GODS OF MUSIC ( Cam Bastedo (Reviewer) - February 25, 2004
“Kiss ‘n Tell” is a bouncy, radio ready number that – despite it’s rock genre billing – would be almost equally at home on either country or AM mainstream radio stations. The melody of this song is easily remembered and quite catchy.

". . .There are no rough edges here: the production is smooth, the playing is tight, the mix is well balanced and the voice – of one Shannon Lee - is silky, suggestive and sultry."

"For some reason, she reminds me of the country artist Loretta Lynn, maybe in part due to her physical appearance, and – yes – perhaps a little bit of Amanda Marshall, whom Lee lists as a major influence. This much is certain: her voice is strong and expressive – easily equal to the task set by her composition. "

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Shannon Lee is a British Columbian singer/songwriter and musician, originally from Winnipeg, Canada. The sexy brunette has a refreshing vocal style and writes songs that are winners.
Larry Delaney, Country Music News, says: "Shannon Lee is a versatile lady – a medical doctor by day, a published story writer, she plays piano, guitar, writes her own songs and has a pretty impressive voice. Her musical talents are showcased to their fullest on Kiss ‘n Tell. Bye Bye My Love is a country/rock tune that grabs early attention; Movin’ On Out features Shannon Lee’s sultry vocal style at its best; while You’re My Temptation is a well-written and delivered love song."

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