Sean McMann (a.k.a. Sean Michael) is a singer/songwriter in Atlanta, Georgia.

After two years as the front man for Atlanta's most sought after cover band "DogHouse" (, Sean is now devoting 100% of his musical attention to the release of his debut CD, the building of a local audience and performing regularly at clubs in the north Atlanta area.

Sean is an explosive and passionate live performer and a voracious lyricist. Two of his recently penned tunes "Another Day" and "In Case I Don't Come Home" have already reached the top 10 slot right here on Broadjam in the Alternative Rock catagory. Look for the yet-to-be-titled debut CD on CDBaby soon.


Sean Michael began his music career with a broom and a stack of 45’s borrowed from his big sister’s record collection. It was the early 70’s. The war in Vietnam raged, and cultures clashed back home. Music was an escape from all of that…and smaller wars, which raged in the McMann home. “I was the middle child. It was a working class family of seven people stuck in a house the size of my garage. As you can imagine, things got tense. I loved to steal away to the attic, crank up the music and sing to an imaginary audience”.

But a shot at singing for real audiences wouldn’t happen until 1988, while Sean was stationed in Greece. He and a band of G.I.’s put together a band and played enlisted clubs and nightspots frequented by European tourists. It was there that Sean learned first hand that music is indeed a universal language. “Many of our fans couldn’t speak a word of English. But they new every word to any R.E.M. or Billy Idol tune”.

Upon returning to the states, Sean hung up his guitar, went to work for CNN as a television producer and started a family. “The only songs I performed during the 90’s were hits by Barney and the Telly Tubbies”! He did flex his acting muscles ... between changing diapers...carrying lead roles in half a dozen independent feature films.

Sean has written Emmy Award Winning songs and has won national poetry contests. He's a voracious writer, averaging a dozen new tunes each week now. "Now, I toss 90 percent of them in the trash almost immediately. I believe it's possible to come up with something hooky...and meaningful. It just doesn't happen every time you pick up a pen". Sean works out new tunes in a home studio.

And he's back on stage...this time as front man for the best rock cover band in the Southeast: DogHouse. DogHouse is the first serious live project for Sean in about a decade. He plays acoustic guitar and sings for the band, one very much in demand because of it's explosive performance approach. “DogHouse is the most fun I’ve EVER had with music. The great thing about this band is that we’re not starving for attention...and we’re not starving literally! We have great equipment; we’re developed musicians…and our egos sing backup now. DogHouse is fun first. See us live and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about."

Sean is currently working on his debut solo indipendent album "Darker Shade Of Blue", due to release summer of 2005. See and hear more about Sean at the DogHouse website at

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