Currently Scoob has released 7 full CDs, 3 Single, 3 Music Video, and 2 complete DVD's chronicling his life as a former gangster who has been saved. He has been interviewed by newspapers, and magazines. He is played on many radio stations, and has had many television appearances. He is currently touring the United States scheduling events for 2010. He has 5 Albums and 2 DVD's currently distributed worldwide, with a new release coming july 2010. More than anything else, Scoob loves the Lord, which is visible on and off the stage. The music he plays is a true testimony of his life experiences and his love for God. The lyrics in his music are true and deep. His focus is on those in desperate need of God in their lives. More than the accomplishments and successes in music, he is noticed for his compassionate heart and helping troubled souls find the Lord.

Scoob Serious

Imagine the thought-provoking writing of 2Pac, sprinkled with the haunting and unmistakable sounds of Snoop've just imagined, Scoob Serious...uniquely a triple threat talent! Rapper/Writer/Producer, Scoob Serious has brought a whole new sound and style to the world of Christian Rap Music.

A hard-core former gang leader, Scoob Serious has traveled over the valleys and through the hoods to his Father's house he goes! Raised in Sacramento, California, he was drawn to music naturally via his God given talent, and he refined it as a sensitive juvenile trying to escape and move beyond the thug life that he found himself caught up in. Unfortunately, the pull was strong and secular beats and rhymes only lured him deeper into the vortex. As a result, he flowed with a worldly vibe for 5 years, spending time locked up, until the Lord reclaimed the talent given him, and more importantly Scoob's heart! Always faithful, God allowed the same musical talent to pulse through this young artist, but with more intensity as he surrendered his life over to the Most High, Jesus Christ.

Fast-forward 10 years, he still has a fresh new vision and vibe! Scoob Serious has been breaking down every strong hold and bustin' out of every shackle to bring a powerful message to both the saved and unsaved world, through his music! His sound is almost hypnotic in nature, as a strong riff and genuine, sincere vocals burst from every track. Whether, you are getting your dance on with thumping beats or in a place of heavenly praise, you can't help feeling as though he identifies with you; regardless of your colorful past or pressing future. He's the real deal!

His ministry of music is clearly focused on those in need of God in their lives. It has been witnessed by those who have interacted with Scoob both musically and personally, that being used as a tool to help those that are lost find their way is far more impressive than any of his musical accomplishments. If asked, Scoob will tell you..."Eternal salvation...that's the real reward."

Looking beyond his calling, a compassionate heart for broken souls is a lyrical dynamo! Scoob got his first big break while performing at the 2002 Winter Olympics and has been nothing short of a holy fire since! He has performed with such heavy-hitters as Keith Sweat, Daz Dillinger, Kurupt, Spice 1, Dante Thomas, DTTX (Lighter Shade of Brown), Suga Free, Fireflight, Gospel Gangstaz and T-Bone, just to name a few. In between television appearances and publication interviews, Scoob has enjoyed radio air play that has propelled him into a worldwide tour of the United States. Currently, his successes include Five albums and 2 DVD's distributed worldwide and a noteworthy new release, coming july 27, 2010. If all this isn't enough 411 on this powerhouse performer; add this to the about a consideration for a Grammy Award, in count them...5 different categories. This boy's on point!

Always willing to share the wealth, Scoob has taken his vision to a whole new level, now running the Gospel Division at a record label. A life-long dream to excel as an artist, himself, is only perfected with the production of other talented, newbie artist. This vision has morphed into Visualize Music Group, spearheaded by one of the most talented and influential Christian Artist, today, Scoob Serious...this is a new and lasting label to be reckoned with!

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