Scarabis is brooklyn newyork based rock act that combines the likes of "Led Zep" "Black Sabbath", "RHCP" and "Aerosmith" into one package. Their brand of rock music proves that rock can still pack a punch with attitude, heart felt emotion, talent and tangible intelligent compostions and cutting edge lyrics. One listen to this band and you will be able to seperate them from the rest of the pack. give them a chance and you will be humming their songs for weeks to come.

Hunter 917-208-2001

Scarabis Bio

SCARABIS is a NY based hardrock band ala RHCP, Sabbath, ZEP, Aerosmith. The band consists of professional musicians from the local area. Each member has been involved in pro recordings and live gigs. The band has recently finished recording a 6 song EP>

In a world cluttered with Pop/Punk bands and the seemingly endless array of folk bands, Scarabis has set out to reclaim a dead industry. Not attempting to rewrite the history books, the sole mission of the band is to play solid in your face hardrock music. The energy in which Scarabis delivers its songs proves that rock music never died, it went on hiatus for some time while the world indulged on sappy pop music, rap/rock and teen heartthrob groups.

The bands repertoire touches issues which relate to their everyday lives, from the rigors of the never ending routine of a 9 to 5 job (Rebel), The lack of support many faced while attempting to realize the dream (never gave a damn) and the emotional turmoil one faces when one loses a loved one (Shed your light). The intelligently written lyrics show that the band can deliver a message with tangible, coherent lines that seem to wrap you up in their story line. Vocalist "Matt Hunter" has a very bluesy, soulful yet powerful range to his vocal making the delivery of each song memorable which will keep you humming long after the band exits the stage.

Lead guitarist "Allen Hamet" is a unique talent indeed. A visual of the thin guitarist towering over all other members is a site in itself. Allen has a control over his instrument which is rare in today's rock world. A bonafide shredder, watching Allen rip into his solos can only remind you of a young Jimmy Paige or even Richie Blackmore in which every note rings with a fiery passion which cannot be duplicated. Standing alongside him is JJ Vel who along with "T Motts" hold the whole thing together. JJ's playing is filled with soul/funk and pure rock attitude. JJ Vel was born with hardrock pumping through his veins, one listen to his style of bass playing and you will be hooked to the low end like a fish on a hook. Complimenting JJ is T-Motts, One of Hardrocks last theatrical players. A veteran rocker who has the feel of "joey Kramer" and the stage theatrics of "Tommy Lee" T is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Onstage This band is nothing short of monstrous.

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