Hailing from the small Southwestern town of Tucson, Arizona, Sanity In Death have come to breathe new life into the metal scene. With their unique blend of death metal, hardcore and the desolate Southwestern sound that can only come out one of the hottest places on Earth, Sanity In Death hit you like a ten-ton hammer falling from the top of the Sears Tower. Jaw-breaking vocals, finger-crushing guitar riffs, ear-rupturing bass lines and an unrelenting drum attack will surely ingrain Sanity In Death into the pages of metal history! If you have been searching for an original sound in this over-saturated genre, search no further; Sanity In Death are the real thing.

Formed in early 2003, Sanity In Death sought out to create a sound that was not only unique but would also give the eager metalheads of Arizona an alternative to the commercialized and unoriginal plethora of bands force-fed to them by the mass media. Mission accomplished! They’ve been packing venues all over Arizona, but now

Explicitly Intense Mag CD Review

"We have come to wreck everything and ruin your life.
God sent us." So starts this prime slab of ruthless
Melodic Thrashing Death by Arizona's most dominant
underground presence. This band has the talent meter
in the red and the road ahead is wide open-it's
nowhere but up (with a scenic detour through hell) for
SANITY IN DEATH. We're talking potential reminiscent
of the musical awareness, depth and ability of EDGE OF
SANITY with a singer that's a morbid, mutant version
of Phil Anselmo (with the apt moniker Demon) manning
the mic. Add to that solid acoustic sensibility and
some great audio samples and you've got a recipe more
crippling than a batch of Humboldt brownies. This band
is truly something, and if they don't get the
recognition they deserve then there is no God.
Alright, there probably is no God, but still-track
these guys down and check them out; you need it and
they deserve it.

Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles #9

“Tucson, Arizona is home to these extreme death metallers, Sanity In Death grabbing the listener with a sound that is as atmospheric and proggy as it is relentlessly crushing. Vocally, this six-man wrecking crew oscillate from Anselmo-like introspection to far-flung black and death – the effect is exhilarating and as jarring as the unexpected musical pathways roiling beneath.”


It’s only fitting that a hot act like Sanity in Death comes from a hot place like Arizona. The six-piece brings to the metal world an explosive attack of death/hardcore metal sure to create waves. The goal of the band is to write music that goes beyond the commercial bands and actually gives fans something original to listen to. Sanity in Death slams the senses with ripping guitar riffs and machine gun drum attacks along with growling death vocals. Madness reigns supreme as Sanity in Death unleash their fury on the world with their self-titled debut. It is quickly evident that the band has reached some of their goals to be unique as “Embrace” quickly fills the silence. Be prepared as Sanity in Death will be wreaking havoc in a town near you in support of the debut. Sanity in Death plays a mind numbing brand of metal. I like how the band doesn’t hold back on the brutality and the exciting way they deliver it. Sanity in Death has opened the floodgates of the underground upon the world. Only time will tell what carnage will be left after they are done.” www.thegreatnothing.com


“In general this album debut is simply genius. Perfect for the addicts of melodic death metal; that fast death metal with melodies that latch on and a characteristic darkness as those bands from the early 90’s. That is what I’ve enjoyed the most about this band. They maintain a mortifying feeling. This band that comes from Tucson, AZ who have very good dark passages that are well accomplished and structured. When it’s said melodic death metal one would think the same as… but with this album you’ll be surprised because it is totally original!!!” www.chilemetal.cl


"Wish you could get those slow pokes who sit at the traffic light long after it turns green to just move?! Start blasting Sanity In Death they'll burn rubber to get away from you. The Tucson death-metal band sounds more brutal than a cavity search done with a crowbar. Singer Demon's guttural growls and throat-burning screams are driven by blisteringly fast guitars, pummeling bass. At the beginning of the CD, the band announces: We have come to wreck everything and ruin your life. And then S.I.D. leaves the listener crushed under a barrage of malevolent music."


”From Arizona USA comes Sanity In Death with their first full self titled album and are signed on Hammermill records. The death metal these guys play sounds fucking good in my ears. And I must say for a debut album with a high quality recording sound this album is an awesome start for Sanity In Death. Starting as an underground band they already have some name in the death metal scene. And I think they will get very far with their great wall of brutality. Vocals on this album sounds sometimes a bit like metal core but that ain't bothering me at all cause the brutal crunch will change that quite quick. The ballad sounding parts in it with an easy going guitar solo which you can hear in the second track “Will" is a good alternately between the brutal crawling death metal. The vocals used on "Filter The Gray" track reminds me of the clean vocals from Burton C Bell (Fear Factory), love it guys!!! From old school riff to new metal sounding parts is what I hear on this fucking nice CD. Well Hammermill records congrats with this sign. I love the dragging start of "Number One" just the way good death metal should sound like. Well guys this is a must for the good old death metal freaks and the metal core fans. Check out the Sanity In Death section to get to know them a bit more and order your self a copy of this great album on Hammermill records, you can jump to their website by going to the Hammermill section. And as they say on the label site “YOU HAVE BE WARNED" are the perfect words for this Sanity In Death album.” www.burningmisery.com


Sanity In Death has come out of the desert to lay waste to the metal scene that you think you know. If you are a fan of death metal then SID is the band that will churn our metal guts to shreds. Their debut CD is just the potion that will make even the most picky metal fan take notice once again. www.metal-exiles.com


“Tucson, Arizona's Sanity in Death shows some serious potential with the band's self-titled debut. The band's thrash-inspired death metal works well throughout much of the record's eight tracks, effectively showcasing a knack for melody-inspired death metal. If Cannibal Corpse and Pantera opted to become "life partners" and adopt a young band as the union's demon-spawned bastard child, Sanity In Death would certainly be a worthy candidate.” www.deadtide.com


"Sanity In Death combine the riffing style and speed from “Hell Awaits” with a meatier production, but still firmly rooted in an 80’s sound, with some impressive deep seated death metal growls and even some over the top black metal screams from the vocalist, name of Demon. The nostalgia continues with some acoustic portions, some lighter melodies, and even some clean vocals reminiscent of some of the Gothenburg melodic death metal that came out in the early to mid 90s.” www.live4metal.com


“…an amazing mix of death metal and hardcore, while not getting to the redundant parts of metalcore.” www.maelstrom.

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