Run Side Down was born out of neccesity in June of 2005 when Guitarist Mike Scieszinski received a cease and desist order claiming the band's former name was a NASA copyright. The Madison based quartet had been touring under the name "Space Camp" since the release of their debut album "America Must Dine" in late 2004, but the impending threat forced a name change that helped find the renewed focus needed to make this group what it is today. Tight, Fun, and musical!

Scieszinski and keyboardist Vince Faris met while persuing degrees in Jazz on their respective instruments at the University of Wisconsin Steven's Point. There they were quick to discover a mutual skill and similar taste in music. After graduation, Vince moved out of state and Mike came to Madison in search of a band.

Drummer Jon Reed and bassist Dan Plourde were two members of the first incarnation of the group. A phone call brought Faris back to Wisconsin only to sleep on Mike's couch for a month while the n
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