My name is Ken Jones II. & I am an up and coming super-producer/superstar potential artist with God given talent, whom, unlike most, does not seek the "big break" or "the one foot in the door" type deal that many are in search of. My talent is purely God given as I stated, that means minor development, just show me the ropes & I'd be fit. I have strong marketing capabilities, great communication skills, good looks, & strong leadership skills, not to mention one of the most wise & observant. I am often compared to Nelly, but I'd rather make my own image &/or impression on the ent. industry. My music can be heard in association with many artists ranging from Hip-Hop to R&B. But for now,if you even have a small feeling that I might be an aid to substantial growth in your company, & indeed a neccessity to a successful future; I invite you to indulge yourselves, & witness while judging the potentials of what will certainly be "The NEXT...".

Press Info

-Several Top 10 charts on Broadjam.
-Top 10 on Earth, in Nation, Fan Picks 15-24...
-Top 5 in Tennessee, Southeast Region, Production,
Ballads, and North America.

Most Current: Mid of March'05
--Top 5 Rap (Dirty South) #1 Instrumentally Speaking...Vol.3.1:16
--Top 5 Rap (Gangsta) #1 Instrumentally Speaking...Vol.3.1:15
--Top 5 Production (Instrumental) #1 Instrumentally Speaking...Vol.3.1:15
--Top 5 Rap (Dirty South) #2 Instrumentally Speaking...Vol.3.1:16
--Top 5 Region (Tennessee) #2 Instrumentally Speaking...Vol.3.1:15
--Top 5 Region (South East) #2 Instrumentally Speaking...Vol.3.1:15
--Top 5 Production (Up Tempo) #3 Instrumentally Speaking...Vol.3.1:15
--Top 5 Region (United States) #5 Instrumentally Speaking...Vol.3.1:15
--Top 10 Region (North America) #7 Instrumentally Speaking...Vol.3.1:15
--Top 10 Region (Earth) #7 Instrumentally Speaking...Vol.3.1:15

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Dr. Dre, Twista, Kanye West, Outkast, Three Six Mafia, Jay Z, Eminem, etc.


Born to Elaine Gholston and Ken Jones I. on Sept. 5, 1981 he would become Kenneth B. Jones II., however, back then no one knew the destiny that he would someday face. Therefore, he was raised as a normal child allowed to open his mind and let his awkward imaginations soar.
But it wasn't until Ken reached the age of 2 yrs.old that he would acquire his first musical instrument (flute/recorder) and would soon be discovered of his natural, God-given talents by his mother and other family members. Since then, he's gone to graduating from Performing Art schools and making drum captain in his high school marching band to producing and performing in various places in the Southeast region. But you can catch him producing some of today's hottest tracks and writing hit songs in attemp to gain his much deserved recognition and boost into the ent. industry.

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