Rodd P. 's a artist/producer/composer/arranger/performer from Racine,
Wisconsin, that does a solo thing, making it sound bigger by incorporating
electric/acoustic percussion, backed by sequencers and drum machine. His
music best falls under a "trance-groove" sort of heading. Rodd P.'s music
carries a unfalteringly laid-back vibe. His music flows, gyrates, and seeps
into your subconscious. It plants a seed. When harvest time comes, look out.
Although Rodd P. resides in Wisconsin, this is music of L.A., N.Y. and
any other big-time initials you can find.

Press Info

Review #1
CD Title: Deep

From The Journal Times Racine, Wisconsin:
Thursday, May 18, 2000, Page 7


"Rodd P. has been the most persistently polite recording
artist I have ever run into. A press packet arrives with
a bio and a four-song demo. A little while later the
follow-up phone call comes wondering if I received the kit.
I don't return the call because I'm swamped under CDs.

About another two weeks later another call comes in.
Mr. Fineran, this is Rodd P. I was just wondering if you
had a chance to listen to the CD I sent you yet.

Hey, this guy deserves an honest listen. "Deep" is Mr. P.'s debut
demo. Rodd calls his music "electronic/new age." That's a
little too broad. I would say his music best falls under a
"trance-groove" sort of heading. Yeah, I know what you're
thinking. That music director wouldn't like it because it
doesn't fit into her neat little pre-packaged categories.

You know what though? I l

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Rodd P. is a solo artist from Racine, Wisconsin,
that has been invovled with music for well over
25 years. His first live performance was at the age
of 19, performing as a back-up dancer for his cousin
R&B singer/songwriter Dawite Brown, drummer for the
late Love Expression band who in the past has open for
the Temptations. The performance proved to be the
eye opener for Rodd P. when the stage was rushed by
the audience.

This event became the milestone in Rodd's life setting
the stage for something bigger later in life. Knowing that
he had what it took to captivate the audience, Rodd has since
sat in with various bands/DJ's on percussion in his native town
ranging from R&B, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Latin and Country. While
performing in jam sessions Rodd had the opportunity to play with
"Buddy Miles" of the late (Jimmy Hendrix).

These days Rodd is founder of his own indie label and is diligently
working on his skills of production and learning the ropes of the
business. His self-produced indie-released CDs have made local
headlines quoting his first self produced indie released debut EP
"Deep" as "music worthy of the big screen," and the follow up CD
due out soon, as "music that should stand the test of time,"
giving Rodd P. evermore sense that he knows and has what
it takes.

Rodd's passion for music has grown into wearing many
hats as label founder, percussionist, producer, composer,
arranger, live performer, engineer, editor, programmer,

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