The time has come for the South's best Underground to be heard...... and now..... one of them will be. Former lead man from one of Memphis' dynamic underground rap group's have now taken "MC" to the next level. Credited from being one of the most underrated rappers of the region - Rick now takes the bull by the horn .... and made steaks!!!! Along with his ANONYMOUS ENTERTAINMENT team, Memphis' finest rapper will keep ya head bouncin' and astound you with the lyrical talent shown. For those of you that love to download....... this guy should keep you ...well entertained........ so let the downloading begin !!!!!!

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Mid South's Finest that has been low key for a few years but coming back with a BANG. Due out REAL SOON with the hardest / funkiest hittin' tracks to come out of the area in a LONG TIME.

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Rockmaster Rick has been on the "underground" rap scene for years. Seen in such artist showcases as "Crossroads" in the 90's and formerly part of the now defunct rap group THE BLACK MARKET EMPIRE. Rick's been bumpin' tracks out tha frame for years. The underground DJ's that still insist on bumpin' the jams "Maintaining" , "Check It In" , & the strip club favorite "Show That Sh*t" but the new ones in the works with the new production team is BUMPIN' OUT THA FRAME. The game is now about to change..... to what it should have been long ago - WORLD BEWARE .....RICK HAS RISEN !!!!

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