what love feels like

I was gone
Lost and all alone
And then you said
To me
I’m feeling like we might be meant to be
Who am I to disagree

It’s been so hard
Reaching for a star
But now I’ve found someone
And suddenly
My chains have come undone
I can finally see the sun

I want to know what love feels like

Can you show me?
I’m willing to try

Willing to try
What love feels like

Now, there’s me and you
And all that we’ve been through
To get
To here
Learning all about each other’s minds
All we need is time


On and on we go

copyright 2004 - Rob Johnston - BMI

near the moon

You said that you’re leaving
Seems to me I’m always saying goodbye
Are there words for the feelings?
The best that we can do is try

And wonder why the good things never stay
If I could find a way


I would build us a room
Somewhere near the moon
Where we could run away
I would steal you a star
Keep it near my heart
‘cause I named it for you

You’re home for the summer
The two of us are down to one
Seems the road gets longer
No matter how far I run

And I know that this is not the end
Of the story of two friends

We’ll find our way back someday
I never could forget
Life is one long movie
Don’t know the ending yet

copyright 2003 - Rob Johnston - BMI

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