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Country in all its many styles: traditional, new, bluegrass, honky tonk, rockabilly, alternative, blues, rock and southern rock..

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Don Williams, Johnny Cash, George Jones, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Jim Reeves, Hank Williams Sr


Fronted the band for Grand Ole Opry member Stonewall Jackson.

Performed in Italy, Subic Bay, Hong Kong, China, Spain, Africa, Hawaii, Turkey, Greece and Spain.

Formed and fronted my own bands playing all over the United States.

Songwriter, lead vocalist, professionally proficient on rhythm guitar and harmonica.

Also play lead guitar, bass guitar and various other stringed instruments, keyboards, and percussion instruments


I'm Robert Allen. I sing, write music and play about a dozen different instruments - some better than others. It all started in New London, CT at age 7 singing "Happy Trails To You" in the school talent show.

By the time I was 16 my best buddies and I had formed East Hampton, CT's proverbial high school band. As "The Specials" we played at all the local school dances and I even persuaded the movie theater owner to let us play between matinees on the weekend. That was definitely a first in our town!

Then came the stint in the U.S. Navy and I formed "The Signalmen". The ship's captain liked the band so well he arranged for us to perform before officials and dignitaries in Italy, Subic Bay, Hong Kong, China, Spain, Africa and Hawaii.

After the Navy I spent several years on Staten Island performing with "The Country Echoes". Just before going on a live radio broadcast the DJ realized he had trouble pronouncing my name. He asked who my favorite guitar player was and I replied that it was Duane Eddy. He said, "Good. For today your name is Bob Dwayne". And it stuck!

The call of Nashville came next. While there I formed and fronted "The Bob Dwayne Show", "Red Hot Ricochet Band" and "Connection". We played country, top 40, southern rock, oldies and threw in some blues. Between the last two bands, I spent about three years fronting for Grand Ole Opry artist Stonewall Jackson. I performed at all the major (and some not so major) clubs in and around Nashville and did demo work at four different well-known studios. And I was on the road a lot; all over the country.

Then it was on to the Atlanta area where I re-claimed my real name. After performing with "Class Reunion" for a while, I formed "Robert Allen & Co." and began playing locally. Then I went on an extended USO tour entertaining in Turkey, Italy, Greece and Spain. After returning I assisted at a recording studio doing everything from administration to demos. I finally took the opportunity to stay put and record some of the material I've written over the years. And I was able to help promote others! I co-produced, co-edited, directed, and hosted "Songwriters', a 30 minute Atlanta area community access TV show featuring unsigned songwriters of all genres.

Now I'm back in the Nashville area making more music and loving it!

DJs are playing my songs on about 100 stations in the U.S. and in these countries: Australia, Holland, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, the Netherlands, Spain, England, Italy, Germany, New Zealand, Austria, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Norway, Scotland, Malta, and Japan.

My original songs have been licensed for the movies Coney Island Baby, Val Kilmer's Conspiracy, Coyote County Loser, the DVD release of the television series The Fall Guy - Season 1, and by Showtime, A&E, Discover Channel, Travel Channel, Animal Planet, and others.

Recognition from Music Industry

"Blues Over You" was licensed for inclusion in Val Kilmer's movie "Conspiracy" which was released in March 2008.

"When I Found You" was licensed to Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment for the DVD release of "The Six Million Dollar Man" Season 1 released in April 2007.

"Old Man Brown", written and performed by Robert Allen, has been used by A&E in "Back to the Blueprint-Log Homes" and "Save Our History: Gold Rush"; The Travel Chanel in "Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations (Peru)"; The Discovery Chanel in "The Bourdain Experience: I Need Oxygen"; and Animal Planet in "Amazing Animal Inventions: 101". " Old Man Brown" is raw delta blues, just vocal and harmonica.

"Blues Over You" was licensed for inclusion in Showtime's "Huff" Season 2, episode #202, first aired in April 2006.

For most of 2004 and throughout 2005 and 2006, Robert ranked at either #1 or #2 on the all-time country artist chart on At October 2006 he charted at #5 out of 27,003 artists on the all-time all genres chart at

Robert was on the cover of's November 2005 e-magazine, where they described him as "Nashville's Best Kept Secret", and he was the month's featured artist article / interview.

"Blues Over You" was licensed for placement in the movie "Coney Island Baby", a romantic comedy filmed in Coney Island, Ireland, for which its director received the Best Director award at the Newport International Film Festival; released October 2005.

"High On The Hog" was selected for inclusion on's compilation cd to be inserted in Internet Pratique Magazine (one of the top subscriptions in France with 70,000+ subscribers).

"Here I Am" was chosen for inclusion in's 2005 Valentines compilation cd in France.

"Sure Been Missing You" was selected for inclusion in's 2004 Christmas compilation cd (England) and on a 2002 new artist compilation cd in Sweden.

Robert was named by as one of "Indie Music's Best Of 2004" (see December 2004 issue of Music Connection magazine)

Reviews by DJs and Fans

"We are at a bandstand in a large park. The band is set to play. The singer, wearing a fancy country outfit does a last minute mike check. On the stage are female backup singers, piano, bass, drums, steel and electric guitar players. The band starts to play. I see that their band sounds like the one Ricky Nelson has; however, the singer has a strong country voice, like Jim Reeves. It sounds very loud and clear thru the PA sound system. SO, this is what you will hear on this OUTSTANDING DISC. You are not listening to a record; you are THERE! AT THE CONCERT. More than half the songs are excellent, with good melody lines. The band lays down a nice rock n' roll beat. The piano player gets into a nice Jerry Lee style on many cuts. The steel man does his thing. The band is outstanding" Ron Pokatiloff on

"Great traditional country music. Great Job!!! Jim Reeves, Ray Price and all the other legendary country ballad singers could not have put this one across any better than this vocalist. This was real country music, great verses, a nice easy hook that was big enough to let the audience know that it was coming. Just an all around good effort." THE Doc Holiday, Megarecords, review of Walked Out on

"The creamy-smooth voice and laid-back arrangements of country crooner Don Williams come to mind when listening to the warm, easygoing music of Robert Allen. Perfect for a road trip, barroom jukebox, or just lounging on the front porch" Music Editor,

"Your cd is terrific and I just love your voice. I will be sure to give your music some airplay on my program" Trudy Burke, Australia

"After listening to your cd, I find your "Something To Remember Me By" absolutely worthy to air. "Bucket In The Sky" is for example a real down home song in the bluegrass style. "Sure Been Missing You" is a song with feeling and your voice has real power. "Boogie Woogie Rock & Roll" is a fine up tempo song and has the right punch, and is traditional as can be. All the songs on this cd fit into my taste, and will be play listed" Dan Hansen, Roskilde Dampradio, Denmark

"Well, my friend, thank you for sending me such great material (WOW). You have just made my day. I'm really excited and I can't wait to spin them. That good old honky tonk and country rock is just what I and my listeners like" Peter Harrison (DJ Pete), Oak FM 101.3, Australia

"A nice variety of good songs - some rather captivating! We'll certainly be scheduling tracks". Eddie O. Strange, Town & Country Radio, New Zealand

"Great songs!! Thank you for putting such neat music into the world" Ann Pascoe, TLC Radio, New Zealand

"Mercy ... Thank you very much for your cd - great album. Airplay is a natural thing and a great honor" Andre Leclerc, Tilt FM 88.8, France

"Right now we have you on the air and we are also getting some requests; "It's A Cat's Life" and "Boogie Woogie Rock & Roll" and "Bucket In The Sky". You are becoming a star here in Australia" Dave Peters, Country 97.4 FM, Australia

"Thanks a lot for your album. It's really very good!!!! Real country music my listeners want to hear" Alain Joris, Radio Columbus 106.9 FM, Belgium

"Many thanks for forwarding the promo copy of "Something To Remember Me By", which is now in rotation. It is a great sounding album" Tony Bates, Station Librarian, Radio 3WBC, Australia

"I have to say I have really enjoyed this album, and to see you are the writer of these songs adds more to a good album. Yes, you have done your time in the industry, and this shows in your vocals. We have given you a Star Rating of 5+ and we have you on prime time. This means we play you 6 times per day. You are like that nice fresh air, with no pollution" Dave Peters, Country 97.4 FM, Australia

"It's a great album with genuine country music. It was a great pleasure for me to listen to your songs, and the cd surely deserves a lot of airplay" Per K. Rodal, Norway

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