Rob Albertson is an accomplished musician, composer, recording engineer and producer. After receiving his Bachelor's of Music degree from the prestigious Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and graduating with a Master of Music degree at the University of Miami Rob and his wife-harpist Julie Albertson-moved to Atlanta, Georgia. In 1993 Rob opened his state of the art recording studio Rare Air Studios, Inc. As an engineer and producer with Rare Air Albertson has worked with some of the biggest names in music including Morris Day and the Time, Curtis Mayfield, Maurice Starr, and many others. Rob is constantly in demand as a musician both in concert and in the studio. In addition to recording and performing, Rob has composed for several internatioally released feature films, television, radio and new media. Check out Rob's latest cd "Rare Air", a collaboration with guitarist Lee Spivey.

Producing Rare Air

Thanks for checking out our new album Rare Air. The songs were composed over the last year. This album has been a true collaboration in every sense of the word. Most of the songs were originated either in my studio or Lee Spivey's studio. We would create the basic tracks for the song and then digitally put them into my Pro Tools system so we could add other parts, edit the songs, and then mix and master them. This wound up being a great way to work because both Lee and myself could work on the material on our own time and add tracks, experiment, etc. and then get together to finish the songs. The addition of our friends Kelly Via-fultes, Richard Mills-piano, Anne Page-violin, and Tim Aucoin-bass really helped to give each song a unique quality. I hope you enjoy our labor of love. Best, Rob Albertson

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