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Rob was born in Harrow, North London on a hot summer’s day, July 4th. As a child he displayed an extroverted personality and was a very happy child. He grew up with two older sisters and a poodle that didn't like him. Although this was a dilemma for his parents, Rob got the benefit of the doubt and the poodle went to a happy home.

Not so academically inclined at school, Rob began singing at age 7 and after going to art college he thought his future was on the stage. He joined a drama workshop in his teens and soon shone in various theatre plays. Rob's big break came on the hit video game show “Gamesworld” on SKY TV where he played the role of Videator “Electric Eddie”. He soon realized, though, that acting was not his destiny and so he decided to embark on the career path that would bring us to where we are today.

Rob began his music career on the club circuit, singing and getting used to the live crowd. He knew he had the voice but was disheartened as he felt he couldn't pen lyrics. After some interesting life experience and seeing more of the world as he gigged and worked with producers in Los Angeles, the lyrics and melodies finally came through.

Rob began working with producers in early 2000. Certain producers have credits including working with Sony Music, Annie Lennox, Peter Gabriel and Joi.

Rob can write a song from scratch without any music. He will then take the song to his producer and sing the melody who will then build a track around it. Rob also writes songs the more conventional way, just by hearing an instrurmental. Out of London comes Rob J Nathan who is hoping to stand out as one of the freshest singer/songwriters to emerge in many a year!

The EP of 6 tracks is availabe now!

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