Though its roots remain firmly planted in Americana, Red Rooster has created a highly original and urban-infused sound. Today, Red Rooster shows vary from just Jay & Nat with a couple of acoustic guitars, to an urban country orchestra complete with electric guitars, drums, horns, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, a DJ and a choir. Their music tells stories that grow out of the rich historical and cultural landscape that is America; from Appalachia to the Delta to destinations unknown. As the Houston Chronicle writes, it is a "...journey through the heart of Americana and roots music."

Some Bits of Reviews

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"I love this album; it's in heavy rotation on my own iPod. The coolest part is that they made two records: one "electric" and one "acoustic" versions of the same 10 songs, although sometimes in radically different interpretations. Red Rooster is rootsy Americana at its best."
-Jerry Jodice, WRIR FM, Richmond, VA

"Red Rooster have released a unbelievable two disc cd that will keep you falling further in love with their sound with every listen... ...They sound nothing like Wilco but if you dig Wilco you will love Red Rooster!"
-Les Lewellyn, Preying Lizard Music

"Wanted to say again how much I love your disc. Your brilliant release is on my Top 13 Albums of 2005."
-George Maida, The Electric Croude (WCVE-FM), on Dose

"Dose is a double-disc journey through the heart of Americana and roots music..."
-The Houston Chronicle

"Red Rooster delivers ten well-written, compelling songs easily strong enough to stand up to reinterpretation. ...It's a great big stew of blues and pop and bluegrass and ethnic (think Mexicali and Klezmer) and 'hick-hop' (sort of the Americana man's hip-hop) simmering over an urban fire."
-Pure Music

"Red Rooster has released possibly the ultimate modern alt-country album... The fact that Red Rooster has managed to capture the dichotomy of modern American roots music using just the same ten songs is nothing short of astounding. 'Dose' is certainly an early front runner for album of the year."

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