Red-Hawk has been in, one form or another, farming all his life. That not being the best way to get your income, he got a brainstorm as he calls it. First thing to do, find a banker who's a pilot first and a banker second. He found one and got himself a helicopter. Figured that by flying festivals and fairs that would help the farm cash flow better. But so far the helicopter has been only earning enough for the helicopter. So, another brainstorm. Since he spent a lot of time in the tractor singing with the radio, figured he could do a CD, and save the helicopter and the farm!
Red-Hawk has a weathered and strong look about him, yet an overwhelming kindness. He is a mountain of a man whose lyrics tell a story. Along with a well-suited melody, he takes each song to its highest limits. They have heart, life, and real stories.
Another creation is his first music video done to a song called “A Heart That Is Bruised”. His ability to look at life and see it from a different view
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