Rebecca Hansen

Rebecca is a freelance photographer,
Songwriter, singer, musician
who resides in the southern California area.
Rebecca's original music and voice
have touched millions around the world.
Her music and her photographs
express the heart and passion of an artist
who loves life, people, music
and animals , especially dogs. !
Bobjohn Photography is an extension of her
well known successful music
publishing company
Bobjohn Music .
"The deepest parts of my soul
have always been expressed
through music and photography."
"Memories come from places our
minds at times have to strive to remember."
" To capture a moment behind my camera
or write music and lyrics
that tell a story is a priceless gift to me."
"Precious memories that myself
and others can undoubtedly
relive through a simple picture
or a song that tells an unforgettable story".
Favorite Quote:
"I've Learned,
People Will Forget What You Did,
People Will Forget What You Said,
But, People Will Never Forget
How You Made Them Feel"

Maya Angelou

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