Warren Halstead is a songwriter/muscian with a simple philosophy....."if your mom says your good...you suck". Music even in it's simplest form has a raw, primal effect on the human being. From the moment cave man put bone to rock it was clear......people are born with an instinct to "get their groove on". Warren writes by exploring melodies, by letting the natural mood and flow of the music guide him, he crafts lyrics that attach a sence of ownership in the listener's mind. Never too concerned about genre, or fitting into a predetermined niche, Warren's focus has always remained on writing music that will effect people on that primal level where the human spirit is nourished. Warren is playing with his band "ACOUSTIC ROUTES" at venues in the Cleveland area.


His name is Warren Halstead. He is a singer/songwriter who uses his depth and insight to put his audience squarely in the driver’s seat as he takes them on a musical journey. With lyrics and melodies setting the scene, hooks provide the twists and turns resulting in vivid images that leaves the listener hungry for the next ride.

Born in a small rural town in W.Va. he spent his formative years learning the simple values that helped to shape him as a person who cares. His parents divorced when he was six years old and his mother struggled to cope with being alone and trying to raise three kids. He found himself spending his summers on his grandparent’s farm working long days plowing and planting by his grandpa's side. Yes Warren got a crash course in growing up fast alright. In the evenings there was time to watch a little “Hee Haw. It aired on the only channel you could get in the backwoods of West Virginia. Warren sat mesmerized by the grainy images of Buck Owens and Roy Clark as they were pickin’ and grinnin’. From that moment Warren knew he had to play music and never stopped begging for a guitar. He finally got an axe that was’nt for chopping wood when he was twelve and played it every day. Warren was a fast learner and was writing songs by the time he turned thirteen. He has never looked back.

Warren formed several bands over the years as his love of writing and performing drew like minds into his circle. Developing his own unique style, he showed a knack for writing songs people could relate to and built a following using very little cover material as his song catalog grew. In addition to playing clubs and showcases in northeast Ohio where he lives today, he runs a small business writing personalized songs for couples. He performs them at weddings and presents the newlyweds with a CD of their tune as part of the package. In this capacity he demonstrates his ability to write heartfelt songs on demand.

Influenced by many of the great bands of the seventies and eighties he writes in multiple genres. Favoring his vintage Ovation acoustic electric guitar, he creates rich tones with a melodic quality that are his stock and trade.

Warren is currently performing live shows with his band “Acoustic Routes” in the northeast Ohio area. Demos available upon request…call (216-832-3282) or e-mail (rah5610@sbcglobal.net)


Morning has come again as I sit up in bed,
thinking of something I’ve read as I dress myself.
I go to work, I pull my nine to five, feeling scarcely alive,
No satisfaction, I need some action.

Nothing changing, still time goes on,
I age with each coming dawn,
Fruit-less existence,
I guess some people live their whole lives this way,
Going from day to day with no resistance,
I need assistance.

It seems impossible for lifestyles to change.
You get into a rut that you can’t rearrange.
We set our patterns and we work our lives away,
Searching for that non-existent better day.

Morning has come again as I sit up in bed,
I have no job to dread, I’ve chosen freedom.
It won’t be easy and some chances I’ll take,
But it’s my own life I make,
It’s my destiny, yes it’s the best for me.

repeat chourus

Words and music by Warren Halstead...copywrite 2002


Had enough, of that cooped up city life.
Headin' out, from all that city strife.
Where the air is clear, and you can hear,
the birds, and bees,
and look at life, anyway you please.

Yes i've lived, most my life with that city crowd.
Now i'm free, and it makes me feel so proud.
All my dreams come true,
you holding me, I’m holding you,
and it feels so good.
No I won't go back, can't take it anymore.
On a farm, on a farm,yeah.
All alone, you and me.

All my dreams come true,
you holding me, I’m holding you,
and it feels so good.
No I won't go back, can't take it anymore.

repeat chorus...bridge...final chorus


Endless highway, stretchin' out ahead.
Fourteen hours of pushing this rig, the sleeper in the cab my bed.
A cup of mud and a sinker, sends me on down the trail.
Backin' off the hammer at eighty,
I'll never make a dime in jail.

This voice keeps callin' me back home.
A thousand miles behind me,
my woman lies in bed alone.
We both need the money,
my peterbuilt and me provide.
Oh lord have mercy,
I need my woman by my side...yeah.

We both talked of farmin', me sellin' off my rig outright.
Who's that knockin' on my cab, a truckstop lady of the night.
Sometimes truckin's heaven, but being gone is always hell.
Ya know i'll always love my lady, but my peterbuilt is not for sale.

repeat chorus

A bright orange sun is a risin',
above the mountains out on highway nine.
My pete shes a hummin',
i'm jammin' gears and feelin fine.
Yes I miss my lady,
I sometimes even shed a tear,
but I always feel better,
when I ease it into thirteenth gear.

repeat chorus

Words and music by Warren Halstead…..copywrite 2005
Warren Halstead (216-832-3282) rah5610@sbcglobal.net
Taxi member # C2706-9871


Another misty morning in the blueridge mountain state,
Biscuits and gravy, are served up on my plate.
The sun not yet risen, but the work day has begun,
this is the life for us farmers, a father and his sons.

Sixteen hours on the tractor in the heat,
but this is the life we love, could’nt stand that old concrete.
The smell of earth turning, brings me close to God’s own heart.
By the grace of his hand, this is our land, and I’m proud to do my part.

It was my grandpa’s land, he left it to his sons.
It will be mine someday, then my sons after me.
It’s a legacy

Sunday evening, we all gather in the yard.
Send up a prayer of thanks, and play a hand of cards.
Old glory flying, from a flagpole on the barn,
men have fought and died, with American pride,
to keep this place from harm.

One day a stranger, pulled up in a plain white car,
he was’nt smiling, as he walked across the yard.
As he took those last few steps, a sense of dread arose,
He said I’m sorry boys, we had no choice,
The bank has done foreclosed.

Second chorus
I heard my momma cry, saw heartbreak in daddy’s eyes.
I threw my hands in the air, the stranger just stood and stared.
I heard my momma cry, saw heartbreak in daddy’s eyes.
The stranger just stood and stared.

Another misty morning in the blueridge mountain state,
momma died last winter, no one knows of daddy’s fate.
He took to drinking, he’s been seen from time to time,
with a paper bag, dressed in rags, down at the county foodstamp line.

And I moved down to Charlestown, and I work the second shift.
I just got to wonder, when my mind begins to drift.
Why this great country, has to tear the very thread,
of what made us strong, it won’t be long, and we’ll all be left for dead.

Repeat both choruses
Words and music by Warren Halstead...copywrite...2005


A cold winter evening it's starting to snow.
you said you would meet me but you did'nt show.
You've left me here standing at our special place,
I sense that it's over with tears on my face.

I call but you don't answer...somehow I know...that theres a chance that
you've gone with another and I'll never see you again.
You never revealed that our love was at end.

Dejected I fumble in search of a clue,
where did I fail what did I do
I'm blaiming myself as my heart starts to sink,
I reach for the whisky and take a long drink.

repeat chorus

My vision gets blurry as the bottle I drain,
I'm not thinking clearly I'm in so much pain
My anger starts growing as I get in my car
got to get away get away far

The radio blasting I'm starting to doze
I'm feeling no pain as my eyes start to close
I dream glass is breaking and tearing my skin
but this is no dream my life is at end

final chorus
They call...you answer...somehow you know...that theres a chance that
something is wrong and that you'll never see me again
I guess you found out that our love was at end

Words and music by Warren halstead...copywrite 2006
Warren Halstead (216-832-3282) rah5610@sbcglobal.net
Taxi membership#C-2706-9871


work your life away at the factory trade,
so you can make the bills when you get paid.
Every year your gonna score a notch,
when your sixtyfive you get yourself a genuine gold watch.

The politicians say whats ours is theirs,
if not for taxes we'd all be millionaires.
Instead we work our lives away like slaves,
so we can afford to dig our own graves.

instrumental bridge

Will your heart break when you find it's gone,
when you realize you've been a pawn,
filling someone else's bags with bread,
when you can bearly keep your family fed.

They're all lying, don't belive it's true no more
they're all lying to you

instrumental bridge

Words and music by Warren Halstead...copywrite...2004
Warren Halstead (216-832-3282) rah5610@sbcglobal.net
Taxi member # C-2706-9871


Listen to the siren callin', out beyond the waves
If we don't heed the warning, it will lead us to our graves
How much more can she do, we're breaking mother earth's heart in two

Listen to the ground its crying, it cannot stand the taste
Still the trucks keep dumping, pesticides and waste
How much more can she swallow, whats gonna be left for the children tomorrow

Got to teach the children to stem the tide
Got to show them, feeling good comes from inside
We don't have to give up our houses, and take to the trees
Just need to stop cutting them down...
someone listen please....

Whats the sense in the life we're leading, what purpose does it serve
Is it all the bucks we're earning, that give us such a nerve
Is it selfesh want for creature comforts, that blind men to the danger,
to the hurt they cause....they cause

repeat chorus

Words and music by Warren Halstead...copywrite..2005
Warren Halstead (216-832-3282) rah5610@sbcglobal.net
Taxi member # C-2706-9871


Halfbaked on a saturday night, wondering why i'm here.
ride a Harley in the heat of the night, wondering if i'll live or die.
I need to know, where did I come from,
I need to know, who dumped me here.

The master’s hand at work, lay me down in my dreams.
Got to learn to till the soil, find out what it means.
The fruit of my labor, i'll reap in time,
just trying not to sow the seeds that will make me lose my mind.

Just want to be the guy, who shows you around the world.
Yes you are my woman, yes you are my girl.

Give me a quart, buy me a pint,
give me an eggshell, I have nothing left to crush.
I've crushed you in my life, like a warlord would,
but I need you to guide me, do you think you could.

Repeat chorus

Sometimes I hear you crying, all alone.
You need some understanding, more then I have shown.
I will be changing, of this you can be sure.
I'll take you with me baby, through that open door.

Repeat chorus

Words and music by Warren halstead…copywrite 2005
Warren Halstead…(216-832-3282) rah5610@sbcglobal.net
Taxi member # C-2706-9871


Crusin' the backroads baby, easin' my troubled mind.
My heart just can't escape it, theres no place that I can find.
To help me forget you, no matter how far I roam.
Just got to call and beg you, baby let me come back home.

Won't you forgive me, let me come back home.
Won't you forgive me, let me come back home.
Won't you forgive me, let me come back home.
I just can't let you go.

Each time I know I hurt you, you still saw the good inside.
This time you drew the line girl, you'll no longer let me slide.
You said you'll always love me, but you can't let me drag you down.
Theres no more time for chances, you can't let me hang around.


I just can't let you go, because your my lady.
I just can't let you go.
I just can't let you go.

The road keeps getting longer, and harder each passing day.
I can't stay gone I'm lonely, I'm heading for home i pray.
That we can start anew girl, you know that my heart you own.
Just say that you'll forgive me, baby let me come back home.


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