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Multi Platinum producer Shawn McKenzie aka "Sir Scratch" has carved his permanent mark on the music scene since the late-1980's. His innovative production has helped turn out key hits for artists such as Main Source, Madonna, Queen Latifah, O'Jays, TLC, Backstreet Boys, Seal among many others.

As an industry leader, Shawn has achieved gold and 21 multi-platinum successes in his career. His credits include producing soundtracks for movies such as Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over, White Men Can't Jump, Boyz N the Hood, Juice, and House Party II. Formerly of the acclaimed hip-hop trio Main Source, Shawn was also a performing artist who started with an R&B group and later formed the group Main Source with his brother Kevin McKenzie, and recruited Paul Mitchell, an MC.

Born Shawn McKenzie in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Shawn's family moved to Queens, New York where he discovered hip-hop and mastered his production talents. He formed Actual Records with his partner Sandra McKenzie and produced Main Source's first single before the group were signed to a major label. Time and time again, Shawn has taken projects from inception to fruition, bringing out an individual's musical strength to produce hit songs. His uncanny ability to discover talent, create hit songs under that talent, and bring this package to market is well noted and can be achieved within the confines of his production company Main Source Now.

Shawn has also gained international recognition for his co-writing contribution to the triple platinum awarded to Madonna's album, Bedtime Stories. As one of the dynamic producers behind Main Source, he received a gold album and record press for sustaining the number one position for four weeks on the billboard charts. Main Source was touted as "one of the most influential groups of the nineties," for their precedent-setting "new-school" sound.

As producer, Shawn has the ability to "deliver innovative solutions, infused with inexplicable and unique sounds". He breaks the molds by his eclectic use of jazz, classical, calypso, pop, reggae, R&B, rock and country. Shawn makes the "creating moment" an intensely learning, eye opening and inspirational one for even experienced bands and artists. He produces and transforms music so that it captures and holds an audience, brings out the best musical sound from deep within the artist, and has strong commercial potential. Clients seek out Shawn's production services.

Shawn's head a prolific production team under Main Source Now (MSN). MSN has produced Pop Stars in Canada under the Sugar Jones Project. Shawn is the President and CEO of Main Source Now. The ability to discover unknown talent, smooth all rough edges of that talent, create hit songs under that talent, and bring the complete package to market all achieved under the umbrella of Main Source Now.


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