Jack Williams


Miami....New York...Atlanta....London...Seattle...Nashville...

Jack Williams has stories about all these cities...and then some.

Born in Miami, and raised in small town Eureka, Florida, Williams has roamed far and wide, with enough life experiences to fill ten lifetimes.

Throughout many adventures, always creating....

New York City, 1972, Williams wrote songs with Richie Havens (Woodstock), and toured the UK through '74.

Atlanta, 1975, while working as a chef, Jack encountered a tour-jacket wearing entourage, proclaiming "I'm a songwriter, and I want to meet THE WHO." That proclamation led him on a whirlwind tour through Chicago to Boston where he signed his first publishing deal with Roger Daltrey & Pete Townshend's William Tell Music. After two years learning from Daltrey & Townshend, Williams was summoned to the UK by Ken Hensley of Uriah Heep, and signed the Ken's 'Umble Music. Upon relocating to the UK, Uriah Heep recorded four of Williams' compositions.

1981 brought the next era of Jack's musical adventure. He moved to Sarasota, Florida, the hot-bed of the southern rock movement. While fronting his own band, "Streets of Ice", Williams was having his songs recorded by Molly Hatchet ("Keep On Ridin") and Blackfoot ("Send Me An Angel"). It was during this era that Dickey Betts (Allman Brothers) encouraged Jack to make the move to Nashville.

With Bett's encouragement and Jack's father's loan of $50 and a one-way bus ticket, Jack headed to Tennessee.

In 1987, when Jack hit the Music City, he was signed by publishing great Noel Fox to Silverline/Goldline Music. He promptly had songs recorded by the Oak Ridge Boys ("Seasons", "Everybody Wins") and Gregg Allman ("Just Before The Bullets Fly", also featured in the movie Renegades).

In the mid 90s, Nashvillle's country boom began to fade and Jack pursued the love of a different art form....the culinary arts. Williams acquired formal training in Escoffier cooking, which he still maintains his "Chef" status today. This pursuit led Jack aboard many vessels at sea, cooking aboard merchant marine ships, research vessels and aboard even earned a Medal of Bravery from President George W. Bush for performing on a ship hauling war supplies to Iraq during the Gulf War. Williams' ultimate voyage came is 2002, on a research vessel in the Azore Islands, where he met his wife Cathy (a scientist on the ship). The Williams moved to St. Augustine, FL, where their son TJ was born in 2003. In 2005, the family came back to Nashville....to Jack's musical home.

In Nashville, Jack cooked for stars (Willie Nelson, Montgomery Gentry, Martina McBride, Keith Urban), while cooking up tunes for The Little River Band, Lance Miller, Adam Brand, Adam Eckersley Band, Kristina Cornell, Stephanie Urbina Jones, Tommy Steele, Borrowed Blue, Josh Pruno and others.

In June, 2015, Jack Williams signed with Lynn Gann Music Enterprises' Songs of LGME!/Garrisongs 1-4-5/ASCAP, for publishing. This new team has "BACK ON A DIRT ROAD" on Montgomery Gentry's new FOLKS LIKE US LP (Blaster Records), as well as "HEAVEN'S SO FAR AWAY" on Kevin Costner & Modern West.


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