Dream much further than my arms can reach, Yet I do believe...That's where it all begins. Thus, I take this seed in this land of opportunity and plant it. Those who have water to add....Feel free to do so. The scope is large and the potential is great. Just believe with me and we can see beautiful things. PEACE

The Traveller

"As I look back on the sacrifices of my culture
blood for the re-structure has become carnage for the vultures." (Excerpt from "The Poor Man's Cry", runner up in The John Lennon Songwriting Contest 2000).
So Hip-Hop is dead? Indeed living dead as the sounds still pour out of radio stations which have no room for hip-hop which could express deeper convictions of the ghetto. Yep, you guessed it. 95 plus percent of the people in the ghetto are not living what is being pushed as ghetto stories now. There is still struggle there, though a lot of dreams and hopes. Since we can now touch the surface we have become content with accepting that we are above waters and on safe shore. I am Pilgrim. I travel this barren land and lay seeds of restoration....Come with me. I need only your ears. PEACE

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