Phoebe Carter had the dream of being a songwriter and thought she had a knack for it since about the age of 10, but she didn't let the world know that until her 30th birthday party when she first performed her original songs alongside her talented family of singer/songwriters.

Having been a stand-up comedian and first recording and performing funny songs in her act, she reached audiences via major radio and syndications like Dr. Demento and the Rockin' Comedy Show. Among her comedy fan favorites are "Spooky Sexy," her hysterical Halloween rap song and "Mount N Dew Me," her ode to the soft drink that makes her happiest, Mt. Dew.

She has been working with producer David Vaughn and her music publishing partner Kyle Puccia to create a diverse catalog of songs for herself and other artists to bring to life. Among the songs in the works are reproduced versions of her mother's folk songs, some written over 40 years ago.

Phoebe continues to make people laugh writing and performing comedy and is excited to have some talented artists lined up to record her music.

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