My name is Philip Thomas Rice. You could probably say that I was born in a baptismal tank in Upstate New York on August 7, 1980. You see, from the age of “I can’t remember”, I spent every Sunday waking up at 8:00 AM to get to church by 9:00 AM so that my mom could sing by 10:00 AM. When I was ten, and my mom bought me four drum lessons at the church auction for $10, little did she know what she had started.
My musical career has pretty much seemed an accident. The song leader at church didn’t show up, Mr. Stedman’s beginning guitar class was the only one open, or mom “just so happened” to run across some drum lessons at an auction. Such has been much of my life, a compilation of “accidents” or even mistakes that lead me closer to the one thing we’ve all been searching for: Purpose. Some things seem trivial until we are able to look back and see exactly what it was all for.
If you listen to a couple of these “mistakes” that took musical form, I think that you will see that there is a sovereign Hand guiding each of them. “Santa vs. Jesus” takes on a Saturday Night Live comedic approach to the frenzy of the Holiday Season. Not that I have anything personal against the man with the white, fluffy beard or the pointy-eared little midgets that follow him around, but it is interesting how far we can depart from the real meaning of Christmas and still call it a “holy-day”. Next time you walk through the mall and security has to rush to K-B toys to break up a riot over

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