Composer and visual artist, mixes different elements of sounds, melodies and rhythms tempting to reach the harmony of chaos.
Rich in sounds of his own country, attracted and inspired by several foreign artists such as Michael Nyman, Wim Mertens and Enya, a fun of the contemporary “beat music”, Nikos Palamedes collaborates with selected musicians and gives birth to his personal experiences into the laboratory of music.

Selected credits: First album released by a Greek indie label (San to pedi-Mouseos-1997), once performed live at "Rodon" stage of Athens during the "new composers festival" (1998), the Greek National School Building Organization chose his music to promote
their exhibition stand during the International fair of Thessalonica, winning the first prize for the best stand of the fair(2002), "Dia-roes" festival (2004), Athens Video Art Festival (2007), Art Athina International Art Fair (2007).
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