OHO is an artistic collective of musicians who interweave sophisticated songwriting, lava-like acoustic/electric guitarism, punchy, muscular rhythms with stunning vocals, sleek production and state-of-the-art basement technology. This Baltimore-based ensemble has existed in its various incarnations since 1973. “OHO” is an interjection, a part of speech expressing exultation or surprise as in a shout to arouse a sleeper. OHO’s “up-close” vision of the cosmos is thoughtfully personal, yet melodically universal in appeal. Here the ordinary reveals glimpses of the extraordinary.

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John Collinge, editor of Progression magazine, wrote the following in his prelude to the Summer/Fall 1998 edition: “No one I’ve encountered in my many years of doing Progression exemplifies the indomitable spirit of progressive music any better than Jay Graboski and his band OHO.” Geoffrey Himes in the Washington Post wrote: “Steve Carr is not only OHO’s bassist but also the producer/engineer, and his ability to make every element of the band’s intricate arrangements shine is impressive.” “David Reeve combines energy and rhythmic intensity with Jay Graboski’s slashing guitar.” – Richard Paton, The Blade, Toledo, Ohio.


On “Shouts in the Street,” “ The Secret” and “Out of Thin Air,” OHO certainly delivers on its promise, having the measurable parameters of stellar, unwavering vocals, crystalline production and wonderful songs.

The irrepressible “Shouts in the Street” weaves an inextricable web of sound. Guest vocalist Jane Brody sings of the transition from unconscious, habitual behavior to a level of living that is more conscious: from dependency based reaction to creative response. Heralded by the P-Funk Horns, the band has driven its way through the millennium myth and into realization with its cutting edge music. “The Secret” celebrates diversity as resplendent divergence, reprising Jane Brody’s vocals and punctuated with the extraordinary fiddle work of Sue Tice. OHO’s signature song “Out of Thin Air” truly smolders. Vocalists Grace Hearn and Angela Lazarony master a vocal descant, not only is one single harmony moving parallel with itself, but there are two distinctly independent voices moving in different directions.

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