O.D.M. is proof that music doesn’t equal sunglasses, guns, drugs, or shoes. They are undoing the half-assed rehashed slop of those before and amongst them, by trudging through the bowels of this business and emerge unscathed & fresh every time.

With an ever-changing look and sound this group of Chicago musicians is reinventing Modern Rock in a way that’s been a long time in the coming.

O.D.M. is a band that will take its place in history as the patriots and the heroes to all who hear their message.

The sound is Modern rock, with an emphasis on ROCK. A unique blend of rock solid grooves, Blues and HipHop influence, powerful riffs & melodies, unforgettable vocal arrangements topped off with a hypnotically energetic stage show is used to formulate this refreshingly unique sound.

The creative force behind the band is Chicago’s own Lance Ayers. "Who says you can’t use a degree in music?"

Powerful words, powerful music, and powerful lessons embody his mastery of song.


Thank you for visiting O.D.M.'s Broadjam site. I sincerely hope that you enjoy the music and are better informed of our world and more enlightened, uplifted and motivated to do your part to help make this world a safer place for future generations to live and evolve. Please feel free to dig if you will our main website: www.musicodm.com or contact us for any futher information. Thank you.

Lance Ayers.

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