I'm into music in many deferend ways...one moment I'm a producer, the next a perfomer and next studioengineer. I doesn't matter to me, just it sounds good. Genre is not importent, I like most, and listens to most.

I play drums, percussion, bass, guitar, piano, sax, sings, programs...well, mainly anything that makes a sound.

I have my own full featured professionel studio full instrumented, in which, I bring in the many artist I work with.

I've been involved in many projects since 1990, some of them you can see in my bio on broadjam.


Producing and performing the trip-hop act "Thalamus", which is a emotional adventure into dusty beats, deep bass, lush strings and beautiful female vocals. Recieves rave reviews around critics and the net, currently releasing CD and making live act which dancers and filmprojecting artists.

Producing the female artist, Miriam, mainly a triphop-rock clash, wrapping strong around an amazing voice.

Drummer of the band "DoubleMouth", releasing CD in 2002, with US rappers from Arsenists blended with danish rappers, performed everywhere around Denmark, on venues, radios and even on street.

The main producer of the team "2MEN", which has released a CD in 2004, gathering the talents of Noah Laux and Lars Trusell, with various rappers and singers from around the globe like Denmark, USA, England and Korea.

The main producer of the jungle group "Nico", which is setting a new order and style towards the scene.

Producer, recorder and mixer of 2 songs with female artist "Didde", topping english housecharts.

Producer, recorder and mixer of star "Aisha"'s soloalbum, known as background vocals of fx Savage rose.

The producer, recorder and mixer of 2 albums with the danish female artist "KÅ", which is playing folk/rock with danish lyrics, and is on the top of the national charts

The producer, recorder and mixer of 3 songs from the danish rock/punk band "LUPUS" album. With 3 females in front, performing songs reminding of early Eurythmics blended with The Clash and New order, they were sure to get some attention.

The Producer, recorder and mixer of the rock project "Noah Laux", recording the rock songs by me, for releasing early next year

Made remixes of Björk, KÅ, Harland, Jean Paul and many more.

CO-componist, producer, recorder and mixer of 2 songs, featured in the national theaterplay "The Nutcracker", a modern translation of a classic with streetdancers, performed on Denmarks finest stages, and is sold international.

Componist, producer, recorder and mixer of all music on the danish movie "DOKUMENTAR", showed in national television and filmfestivals

Componist, producer, recorder and mixer of all music on the trailer "N1" for the neosynthsis artgroup, streamed live on the net in more than 100.000's streams, and shown on various filmfestivals.

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