Niko is a multi-dimensional artist. His sound ranges from organic to produced, ethereal to edgy. His style centers around pop but extends to alternative, new age, and world - with a unique voice to thread it all together into one beautiful tapestry. What sets Niko apart? His unbridled passion, his tremendous vocal range and dynamics, his compelling mixture of mystic and danger in one moment with humility and fragility in the next. An attractive glow, gentle transparent eyes, heartfelt meaningful songs, Niko is a pioneer of a new breed of emerging artists and musicians in the world ushering in a new sound of unforced harmonization which cannot be logically analyzed or contained in a box. He doesn’t fit into the industry mold yet undeniably has global appeal. Niko is sometimes compared to these artists: Jeff Buckley, Bono, Freddie Mercury, Keane, Cold Play, Enrique Iglesias, Yanni, Jason Mraz.

Debut release Love (cd/dvd set)


What is the Love CD / DVD project? Love is a timeless multimedia diary of music, video, writings, and photography. Fresh, real and passionate - this project reveals an intimate journey of life friendship and freedom, and is filled with a purity and transparency that pierces the heart and soul. True to its title, the Love CD expresses all facets of love. Whether you are a friend, a parent, a lover or all alone in this world, you will find a song with an emotion that sings your soul! There is a broad diversity of musical styles on the album ranging from rock pop alternative and jazz to gospel new age and world - all knit together by a unique vocal. The themes and lyrics range from light to dark moods, one song laughs while another sheds tears. There are questions, there are answers. Love is found, love is lost, rejected and then embraced. The story unfolds into a final conclusion filled with hope and enlightenment. Throughout the album, I am a naked soul with nothing to hide and everything to share.

Another truly amazing dimension of Love is the 4 hour DVD. If you have ever wanted to know what it's like for an artist to compose a song, you'll see it here. From the first idea to the last guitar strum! It not only documents the musical creation process but also reveals a very up close and personal glimpse into my video journal. There are several music videos and even a detailed interview in which I share my perspective on love and talk about my global vision.

Love celebrates our humanity - it shows so beautifully that we are only human through our emotions. It reaches the hidden parts of the soul of man, the forgotten depths. For those who enjoy more from an artist than just exceptional music, get ready for an amazing journey filled with both light and darkness, hope and despair, and all of the emotions you can imagine from the life of someone who truly believes in love with all of his blood.

NIKO wins 1st place at USA World

NIKO wins 1st place at USA World Showcase at Las Vegas MGM Grand!

On October 22nd, 2005, Niko competed in a talent competition and won first place for “Best Original Song”! The competition aired nationally on the PAX television network on January 7th, 2006.

“You have a unique style, Niko. You sing with a passion that is a perfect match to your highly emotional material. To make it big in any aspect of entertainment, you have to have that special quality that can only be described as "it". In my opinion, you have "it" in spades. You have the talent, the charisma and the look. You have the passion and the sincerity. You have everything it takes, and I believe that you will be a HUGE star. It is not a matter of if, only a matter of when. And when I see you performing "Love" on the Grammy’s, and it comes time to give your acceptance speech as the "Best New Artist" of the year, don't forget to give me a little shout out from the stage! I'll be listening...”
Paul Allen
The Platters
(competition judge)

Niko wins 1st place in Nashville

On Saturday Auguest 13th 2005, I competed in a spoken word / voice competition downtown Nashville and placed 1st for voice! The event was put on by Sweet Verse Productions. It was more oriented around a Def Poet's Jam vibe and the judges were part of the Def Poet's Jam clan. I am grateful they were openminded enough not to judge on style but rather on things like originallity, passion, presence, content, etc.

"Dearest Niko, I knew that you would come into "our spoken word world" and take over greatly! Your spirit is led...and you were the perfect vessel to break down barriers and gently force the masses to acknowledge your gift and your presence. You were an "agape" cross over and there was not a face in the room that could deny that "Niko" was there to spread blessings and goodness! I am honored to even know you, dear friend! God Bless your vision and continually guide your hand!"
Rene Reyes, Nashville Tennessee
Sweet Verse Productions

Quotes from around the world

“Niko and "Love" cannot be described in a few words. His life, his art, and his music are like an abstract painting filled with hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. There is a dynamic tension in his work revealing the divine nature and the human nature, creating a paradox that will challenge you. His project "Love," ushers in a new sound of unforced harmonization which cannot be logically analyzed or contained in a box. His work is refreshing in that it has no element of fear leaking through it. Once you have tasted of his work and his life, not only will you want more of it, you may be left with a desire to discover your own unique gifts and talents. Niko is a pioneer of a new breed of emerging artists and musicians in the world.“
Karen Johnson, Nashville Tennessee
Olive Tree Connections

“Your music and the DVD has touched me and sparked a musical and emotional flame that I thought had been extinguished a long time ago. It's hard to watch the DVD, listen to the music and not get emotionally involved with what you see and hear. You certainly have hit upon something so basic and's an essence of humanity and the expression of life and love, and is hard not to get choked up sometimes. You did such a masterful job of painting a canvas of feelings and emotions, it's literally spiritual in its nature. I encourage everyone to experience this original masterpiece for themselves.”
Scot Sheely, South Carolina
IMG (Interactive Media Gurus)

“I am so moved, touched and in tears about Niko's music. How beautiful can it get? Once you hear this music, it's like a sweet poison in your blood. You want more.”
Martha, Greenwich Connecticut

“In an age when inspiration and the meaning of love are so clouded, Niko shines like a bright star of truth and provides the freshest breath of air. Any searching soul can find refreshment in his words and music as they journey through one of the most thoughtful and creative productions I have had the privilege of experiencing.“
Lisa Swanberg, Ypsilanti Michigan

“Niko, your music and dvd bring light into my darkest moments. Your message of love is so comforting because it’s true. You show so beautifully that we are only human through our emotions. You’re not afraid to show your feelings through your art. There should be more of your kind.”
Jessica Seilnacht, Munich Germany
RLT Broadcasting Network

"There isn't anything more refreshing than a musical project like Love. You're taken on a journey as you listen, truly feeling all of the faith and hope that was poured into it over the years. The beauty is in the simple fact that, unlike so many, Niko is being himself. By releasing this album he bares his heart and soul to you...all that's asked in return is that you listen."
Jessica Walker, (15 years old) Nashville Tennessee

“It was a delight to hear LOVE, more of a haunting quality that comes straight from the heart, filled with passion and true feeling, not written just to please people, but also with a desire to sear their very soul. I’ve been a fan of Niko for more than 11 years, and many more will follow!”
Jennifer Bragg, Cottage Grove Oregon

“While enjoying Niko's website, I stumbled upon the DVD video of Niko dedicating the song “You’re In Heaven” to a boy named Nauveau that had recently passed on. I was filled with inspiration as I felt his overwhelming and tangible passion. I was amazed at how much it influenced me. At the conclusion of the video I read that he had never even met Nauveau. It astounded me how much compassion he had for someone he had never even met. It moved me to act with more love in this world and made me think about how much the world lacks people filled with love and passion. The entire Love project is compiled of such a broad spectrum of emotions and concepts, I am excited with the very knowledge of it.”
Perry Starbuck, (15 years old), guitarist, Grass Valley California

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