Nate Aronow, band leader, composer, arranger and keyboardist earned a Bachelor of Music degree from the Berklee College of Music, and studied piano for several years with Boston?s own ?jazz guru?, Charlie Banacos. A veteran of the Boston club circuit, Nate led the Landlords of Soul, for whom he wrote and arranged, along with the Jazz Avengers and Bop Kaballah. He has played with Bobby Mason, Tony Dixon, Lois Lane and the Daily Planets, Xanna Don?t, Liz English, the G-Clefs, and Nixie Ray and Backtalk. Having released the "Hearing Things" CD, he's now he's leading the Nate Aronow Nextet, and writing music as fast as he can make his little pencil move...

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2009 Update: 2 tunes were released on a Sony BMG compilation CD in Europe called "Hot Salsa". Another released on Sony BMG "2nd Smooth Jazz Avenue"!

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Hey! I'm not going to give you whole story-of-my-life thing here - you can check some of that out at my other website: But I did want to let you know some other cool news.
During February and March, I've had EIGHT different tunes riding the Top Ten charts here on Broadjam:

Stalkin': Jazz/Fusion, Jazz, Production/Instrumental
BLT: Latin, Latin/Jazz
Involution: Jazz/Fusion
Stalkin', Tad Randy, Hey Big Boy, Amnesia: Massachusetts
Hey Big Boy: R&B/Funk
Tad Randy: Rock/Roots-Rock n' Roll
Joyride: Latin/Jazz
You're So Smart: Rock/Progressive Rock

Take a listen. Virtual fame is so cool!

And, the Nextet has landed a date for a CD Release party for "Hearing Things" on Thursday May 12 at Ryles Jazz Club in Cambridge, MA. If you'll be in the Boston area then, come on down! We'll be playing with the full 7-piece band. That's

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