Independent song writer/artist--Natali also produces her own tracks. Check it! She's a well rounded, and seemingly seasoned writer. Check it!

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June 5th--Natali gets compliment from the super tough LA Times critic Don Heckman after a stellar performance at Don Grusin's gig, at The Vic For Jazz--a Santa Monica spot. Heckman writes, "Grusin featured vocalist Natali Rene in the touching 30 miles (written by Rene and Grusin). Not so many words--still they carry a ton of weight considering that they're coming from Heckman!

More reviews coming!

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Natali Rene moved to the Los Angeles area in 2003, but before she had a chance to unpack, she was invited to join world famous saxaphone player Sadao Watanabe for a two week tour in Japan. Night after night Natali wowed croweds with her fabulous vocals. They were floored by Natali's ability to stylize signature songs that were sung by signature artists. Upon Natali's return, she co-produced and was featured in "The Hang", a live performance that was filmed in Los Angeles. The 75 minute film was directed by celebrity photographer and film director Randee St Nicholas, and boasts 18 renowned, award winning artists from around the globe. It will be released September 14th, 2004 by Sovereign Artists, an independent label that recently signed famous rock groups The Crickets and girl rockers Heart. Natali has othe recent accomplishments as well. She recently won a Rufus singing contest in Los Angeles, and is scheduled to perform with the famous funk band in July 2004. They also are discussing ways in which they can collaborate on performances and song writing. Natali's formidable writing skills are finally starting gain recognition. She is licensing one of her tunes to the mega manufacturer Rolland, and another to to Sovereign Artists to use on The Hang. Natali has teamed up with Grammy award winner Don Grusin to write and produce her new CD which will be shopped to major record labels this summer. People are starting to hear Natali, and doors are starting to open for her. Go Nat!

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