Yo Songseekaz! Multi-genre`, non-performin' songwrita, *****NADES*****, is back & this groovin' mama got her brand new bag with her! it's called "STAYA PLAYA"! Hear it now on dis most active playlist! KENNY G. SPOT AND DE SKYLAB CREW, go all out, with a funky techno mix-produced & written by -*****NADES***** DE RASTA QUEEN! De VH1 sponsored, "SONG OF THE YEAR CONTEST" saved a place for *****NADES***** through JULY 'O5, on their Suggested Artist list. Befar dat, *****NADES*****won the coveted "ROCKSOLIDPRESSURE GRAND PRIZE WINNER 2004" title! Dis Queen can't be stopped monz! Afraid to say dat "M" WORD-"MARRIAGE"?! --FOGETTABBOUTIT! Just listen to "STAYA PLAYA", till happiness is truly far all monz! Thanks to SkyeLab, MajicKey, & Vaughn Studios, Nolopins, JRock-n-Patty, & JC, JB,GB,JJ,MJ,& De "S" Peeps! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! GOTTA GO PLAY RUMMY NOW, SO S-S-S-SPIN-IT!!! Email-prozne1@aol.com. ------------
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