After spending most of the mid and late 1990’s in the successful Milwaukee band Rust Belt, singer/songwriter Matthew Olson decided it was time to focus more on his solo projects and less on working with a band. After a 1-year writing hiatus, Matt has developed a personal writing and vocal style that is catchy without being contrived. Matt’s writing style focuses on hooking the listener early with unique verse phrasing and repetitious, melodic, easy to follow choruses. Though clearly many pop/rock influences can be heard in his music, you may occasionally hear the additional influences of punk, rockabilly and alternative country. Olson cites many favorite musicians/bands that he may share some musical similarities with, such as Pete Yorn, Ryan Adams, Chris Cornell, Pearl Jam, David Bowie and The Rolling Stones. Though he would prefer to be the performing artist of all of his music, he is open to allowing other artists to perform it as well.
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