Any good song that envokes a feeling.


Hot, summer days, swimming pools, and Top Forty 70's AM radio. Mitch King grew up at a young age listening to this style of music. Influenced by that environment and sounds of those memorable times, coupled with his desire to play music, set forth the groundwork and began his journey. Mitch's musical backround was quite diverse. From playing various instruments in Jr. / Sr. high school bands, orchestra, and jazz bands, to annoying the neighbors in garage bands.
In the mid to late eighties, Mitch was the singer / songwriter for Danse Forte'. A Techno - Pop group that played the local L.A. club scene, whose audience members have included Midge Ure (Ultravox) and Bruce Springsteen. During that time the band had minor airtime on the radio station KROQ.
Now solo, Mitch has returned with his own style of transverse alternative pop. He writes about life's situations and interlinks melodies with thought provoking lyrics. Musically choreographed using natural sounds of piano, guitar, and delicately intertwined with a modern solid rhythm. Choruses, after listening are long remembered. In Addtion, Mitch has been experimenting with creating instrumentals and recently wrote the score for a documentary called "A Mended Heart" on DVD.

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